Proposed Topics

Keeping in mind the afore-mentioned priorities, possible themes for the 2010 GRACEH may include, but are not limited to paper submissions on the following topics. We also encourage the submission of panels. The deadline for applying is February 15, 2010. For further information, please see the Registration section.

  • Defining Biography after Constructivism:
    • Is biographical illusion necessary? Fluidity of boundaries and boundaries of fluidity in historical representations of subjectivity.
    • Biography and the non-human subject
    • Gender, Sexuality, and Biography
    • History of subjectivity and experience: “neo-phenomenological“ approaches to human lives.
    • Historicize or memorize? Biography and the history-memory debate.
    • Interdisciplinarity and biography
  • Biography and Multiple Subjects:
    • Comparative biography, “Collective Biography”, and “Shared Lives”: writing the history of generations, institutions, and society.
    • Mapping new meanings of the ‘multiple’:groups, structures, networks.
  • “Biographopolitics”:
    • The political utility of biography: regimes, subjectivity and regimes of subjectivity.
    • Biography and bio-power.
    • Biography as exemplary life vs. history ‘from below’.
  • Biography as “Historian’s Craft”:
    • Sources, narrative techniques and self-reflexivity in biographical writing
    • Biography as historiography.
    • Autobiography and ego-history.

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